Sunday, March 15, 2015

John [WT7G]'s Photos of MaST Center's Live Dive with Randy [N7CJE] (03-14-2015)

From John [WT7G]:
 I went to the Randy&Randi show at Redondo and
have a couple pictures if you would like to use them.

Randy [N7CJE] and his wife Randi are great folks and had a great time visiting with them.
Randy is in the water sending video and audio feed

into the aquarium and
Randi is going around with a microphone doing commentary and letting people ask Randy questions.
Super nice folks at the MaST Center.
One of the most fun things you can do 
with or without your clothes on.
And it's absolutely FREE.
(I recommend wearing clothes when you go there)
Hope these are useful.
See you later.
John     WT7G   7 3
Randy [N7CJE] & Randi
Live Dive at the MaST Center
Thanks, John!!!

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