Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Michael Hall [KJ7WC] (SK) - (Posted: Oct 11, 2017)

Michael [KJ7WC] (SK)
From Doug [KD7DK], President PSRG:
We were informed yesterday by Rebecca Hall (KJ7NNO),
that her brother Michael Hall - KJ7WC, had passed away on Friday.
I don't have any details right now,
but Rebecca knows how to contact the PSRG board
once more is available to share.
Michael was a very active member of PSRG
and the local amateur radio community,
and a net host of the 9 o'clock net and he will be sorely missed.
Tonight's 9PM NET (normally Michael's net):
I would suggest people convey
a brief memory of Michael during their reports.
(QRZ.COM: Michael T. Hall, KJ7WC SK October 6, 2017)

Tuesday, Dec 8, 2015 10:30PM PT
UK James [WO2I] and Michael [KJ7WC]

Pictured in the article are Dustin, KF7FK and Michael KJ7WC with a 3-element Arrow yagi.


(Mike & Key Swap Meet -- Puyallup -- March 11, 2017)

Photo provided by Steve [N7GWG] 
Photographer: Michael Bradtke

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