Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy BDay to Derek [AF7UX], Eric [KK6MWW], and Andrew! (March 28, 2016) -- UPDATED

Happy Birthday!
Derek [AF7UX] 
Southland Eric [KK6MWW]
Hey... another March 28th birthday: Ron [NR7O] oldest, Andrew (who's 22) :)
share March 28th as their Birthdays.
And did you know?
The smallest group of HAMS
where the chance of finding two people with the same birthday
is more than 50% is... a group of 23 HAMs.
(The probability is about 50.73%.)(link)

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Bill [W7MAV] - SK -- Funeral Service on March 20, 2016, 2:00PM

Bill [W7MAV] - SK
Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends.
The funeral service will take place at Evergreen Washelli Cemetery on Sunday, March 20th, 2pm.

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Bill [W7MAV] -- SK (March 10, 2016)

We will miss you, "Phinney Ridge" Bill [W7MAV] -- SK
{by Ron [NR7O]}
(Click to enlarge)
      So sorry to report that Bill departed Earth yesterday morning the 10th of March.
    To say that he was a 'character' is an understatement.
    His journey was amazing in its variety and he was blessed, if you please, with a good family situation including a wife (Margaret) who made sure that he held to the straight and narrow.
    Bill tempted fate repeatedly via gravitational encounters with the Earths surface but always managed to come out a winner.
    In the end colon cancer got the better of him.
    I can attest that he had a heart of gold and my life is the richer for having known him.
          Bill was born on April 22, 1928 so would have been 88 next month.
    He and Margaret recently sold their Seattle house and moved in with their daughter Maggie in south Everett.
    Maggie's address is: (available upon request)
         Service information is unknown to me at the moment but will be promulgated when available.
    Lee, N7KC
    Secretary to WWATS

 {by Ron [NR7O]}
(Click to enlarge)
 {by Ron [NR7O]}
(Click to enlarge)

Bill [W7MAV] at the 2015 Mike+Key Swapmeet in Puyallup
{by LW [K7LWA]}
(Click to enlarge)

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kevin [KG7KNS] + Steve [N7GWG] -- Storm Reports (03-13-2016) -- Updated

 From Kevin [KG7KNS]:
From Steve [N7GWG]:
From Steve [N7GWG]:
Why OUR power went out
Big Branch RIGHT across the 3 mains.
Thanks to all the PSRG HAMs who provided Storm Reports!

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Irene [KF7WUD]'s Birthday Celebration at PSRG Meeting (03-12-2016) -- UPDATED

Happy Birthday, Irene [KF7WUD]!
Irene [KF7WUD] -- Field Day 2012
March 12th at PSRG "FUN" Meeting
(by Aaron [K8AMH])
(click to enlarge)

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Sunday, March 13, 2016


Storm Warnings
March 13, 2016
6:30 PM 3/13/2016
Seatlle City Light  -- Outages: 222 Affected: 40842
PSE -- Estimated total customers affected: 176358
(by K7LWA)

911 | PSE / SCL Power | NOAA | TRAVEL
Emergency Services LISTS
National Weather Service - NWS Seattle
Seattle  (162.550 MHz)
LIVE Audio
Recorded Seattle Audio Files
 (see below for other WA NWR stations)
Seattle Fire Department
[links from KOMO]
real-time dispatch log online (with map) 
Seattle City Light -- System Status
Seattle City Light -- Mobile Outage MAP
(Report an Outage: 206.684.3000 or 206.684.7400)
++ Current PSE Outage Map ++
(Report a PSE outage call 1-888-225-5773)

To report and track power outages, download the free PSE mobile outage app. Make sure to have emergency supplies on hand, such as extra batteries, flashlights, and food. Have a battery-powered radio ready to go and charge phones and mobile devices in case the power goes out. If you see a downed power line, stay away and report it by calling PSE at 1-888-225-5773. or calling 9-1-1.

NWR Stations and Signal Coverage
Printable Flyer (.pdf)
1) Neah Bay 162.550 MHz | LIVE AudioRecorded Neah Bay Audio Files 15) The Dalles, OR 162.400 MHz
2) Forks / Mt. Octopus 162.425 MHz | LIVE AudioRecorded Forks/Mt. Octopus Audio Files 16) Richland / Tri-Cities 162.450 MHz
3) Astoria, OR 162.400 MHz 17) Plymouth 162.425 MHz
4) Capitol Peak / Olympia 162.475 MHz | LIVE Audio | Recorded Olympia Audio Files 18) Pendleton, OR 162.400 MHz
5) H Street - Blaine  162.525 MHz | LIVE Audio | Recorded Blaine Audio Files 19) Bonners Ferry, ID 162.500 MHz
6) Puget Sound Marine 162.425 MHz | LIVE Audio | Recorded Puget Sound Marine Audio Files 20) Spokane 162.400 MHz
7) Seattle 162.550 MHz | LIVE Audio | Recorded Seattle Audio Files 21) Dayton 162.525 MHz
8) Randle / Cowlitz Valley 162.425 MHz Recorded Randle Audio Files 22) Lewiston, ID 162.550 MHz
9) Davis Peak / Woodland 162.525 MHz
10) Portland, OR 162.550 MHz NOT SHOWN ON MAP:
11) Okanogan 162.525 MHz Mt. Rainier N.P. (kiosk) LIVE Audio
12) Wenatchee 162.475 MHz Aldergrove, BC 162.550 MHz
13) Cle Elum 162.400 MHz Victoria, BC 162.475 MHz
14) Yakima 162.550 MHz Vancouver, BC 162.400 MHz

Get your own
WSDOT - Mobile Apps

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ron [NR7O]'s Helmet J-Pole (03-08-2016)

Bet you've never seen this.... get ready to laugh...

   My son Andrew saw the K9JEB antenna I just bought in the driveway as he got home from work, quickly dove into the garage, got some zip ties and a hockey helmet... and now it's HELMET J-POLE time!!
   With "helmet j-pole" I hit the Woodinville 147.34 machine easily with 300 milliwatts, and then hit the Cougar Mtn 441.825 repeater with one watt (easily, and receive was crystal clear too)!
   This design is AWESOME!!
   I like to think that the wire face mask acts as a Faraday cage, protecting me from harmful radiation!
   And I think I will send these pics to the RCR newsletter guy...
   yes... I have no worries about that silly thing called "dignity."
       Ron NR7O

(Click to enlarge)
(Click to enlarge)
(Click to enlarge)
(Click to enlarge)

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Saturday, March 5, 2016

PSRG HAMs at Puyallup 2016 Mike & Key HAM Swapmeet [GROUP PHOTO] (March 5, 2016)

PSRG HAMs at Puyallup 2016 Mike + Key HAM Swapmeet
[GROUP PHOTO] (March 5, 2016)
{ Photos by Ron [NR7O] }
(Click to enlarge)
(Where's Elaine [KG7CME] "Pirate Radio" Dave [KD7PWB]??? -- see below)
ALSO: PSRG HAM Photos at Puyallup 2016 Mike + Key HAM Swapmeet
[CANDID PHOTOS] (March 5, 2016)
(Where's Elaine [KG7CME] and "Pirate Radio" Dave [KD7PWB]?????)

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PSRG HAM at Puyallup 2016 Mike & Key HAM Swapmeet [CANDID PHOTOS] (March 5, 2016)

PSRG HAM at Puyallup 2016 Mike + Key HAM Swapmeet
[CANDID PHOTOS] (March 5, 2016)
ALSO: PSRG HAMs at Puyallup 2016 Mike + Key HAM Swapmeet
[GROUP PHOTO] (March 5, 2016)
{ Photos by Ron [NR7O] }
(Click to enlarge)

Tyler [AF7BO], David [N5JRN]
Aaron [K8AMH], Ron [NR7O]
{ Photos by Ron [NR7O] }
(Click to enlarge)
Andrew [KG7CXX], Steve [N7GWG], Zac [K7ZAC]

"Bothell" Bill [W7VAS], Richard [K7ITX]
{ Photos by Ron [NR7O] }
(Click to enlarge)
Sam [KD7PWA],  "Pirate Radio" Dave [KD7PWB], Bill [?????]
"Bothell" Bill [W7VAS], "Pirate Radio" Dave [KD7PWB], Bill [?????]
Sam [KD7PWA], Shelley [KF7TBA], "Pirate Radio" Dave [KD7PWB],
Carol [KF7TNO], Bill [?????]
{ Photos by Ron [NR7O] }
(Click to enlarge)
John [W7PUY], LW [K7LWA], Philip [W7PIA]
John [W7PUY], Steve [N7GWG],  
Christina (passed Tech). Shi [W7PRV] (Monday's Insomniac-Net Hosts),
Bill [?????], Carol [KF7TNO], Doug [KD7DK], Sam [KD7PWA], LW [K7LWA]

LW [K7LWA], John [WT7G], Shelley [KF7TBA]
{ Photos by Ron [NR7O] }
(Click to enlarge)
PSRG HAM Photos at Puyallup 2015 Mike + Key HAM Swapmeet
(Photos courtesy of Ron [NR7O] -- Thanks, Dude!)
(Please see a Special Message from John [WA7MSE] (Yakima) at bottom of this Post)
[Right click to enlarge]
Chris [W7AMD] & Ron [NR7O]
Everybody else
[Right click to enlarge]
Chris [W7AMD], Jake [KF6JRB], Shirley [KG7RHA] & Ron [NR7O]
Joan [KG7VO] holding court with her HAMsters:
David [N5JRN], Aaron [K8AMH], Elaine [KG7CME], Doug [KD7DK], Amber [KG7QQK /AG] & Tony [AE7WZ]

[Right click to enlarge]
"You have now entered the Joan Zone: 
There is nothing wrong with your radio.
Do not attempt to adjust the antenna.
Do not attempt to adjust the audio.

We are controlling transmission.

 If we wish to make it louder, we will bring… Up… the VOLUME.
If we wish to make it softer, we will tune… it… to…… a whisper….

We will control the MICROPHONE. We will control the Machine that goes ‘Ping’.

We can talk German, and say words with der ├╝mlaut.
We can transform your call sign into a mnemonic form—and then say, “CHEERS, Guv’nah!”
For the next hour…,
sit quietly, and we will control all that you hear (and hear and hear)…
We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your radio.

You are about to participate in a great adventure.
You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to –
The Joan Zone.”

 LOLOL — Joan
Joan [KG8VO]: "Say again, Alpha Centauri, another galaxy doubled with you!"
[Right click to enlarge]
Jon [KL7GT], Jonathan [KK7PW], Sam [KD7PWA] & LW [K7LWA]
Marco [W7RJT], Tim [W7RJT /Tim], "Bothell" Bob [K9PQ], Mike [AE7XI], Patrick [KG7NSC] & ????
[Right click to enlarge]
Curt [WR5J] & CK [KG7AUL /AG]
Tyler [AF7BO]
[Right click to enlarge]
Sam [KD7PWA], "Pirate Radio" Dave [KD7PWB] & LW [K7LWA]
Kevin [KG7KNS] & Dean [KG7ODB]
[Right click to enlarge]
David [N5JRN], Mike [AE7XI] & LW [K7LWA]
Marco [W7RJT], Tim [W7RJT /Tim], Curt [WR5J] & "Bothell" Bob [K9PQ]
[Right click to enlarge]
Mike [AE7XI] & Ron [NR7O]
Zac [K7ZAC] & Chris [W7AMD]
[Right click to enlarge]
Tony [AE7WZ], Tyler [AF7BO], Joan [KG8VO] & Aaron [K8AMH]
Tony [AE7WZ], Tyler [AF7BO], Joan [KG8VO], Aaron [K8AMH] & Amber [KG7QQK /AG]
[Right click to enlarge]
Joan [KG8VO]: "OK, Alpha Centauri, you're CM & Galactic Mobile -- go ahead with your report"
Joan [KG8VO] & Amber [KG7QQK /AG]
[Right click to enlarge]
Zac [K7ZAC] & LW [K7LWA]
Bill [W7MAV]
(by K7LWA)
Bill [W7MAV]
Bill [W7MAV]
[Right click to enlarge]
A Special Message from John [WA7MSE] (Yakima):
Mobile rig just needs a radio and antenna!
Please post to fun blog lol and share on net.
Would love some comments from others on best antenna 2/440 for this mobile installation. 
John [WA7MSE] (Yakima) chilling at UW Medical Center
[Right click to enlarge]

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