[Project Tips] -- Lee's Soldering Tips + Shelley's 2-meter Yagi

Lee [N7KC]'s Tips for soldering coax connectors
 (Audio -- 20 mins)
(thanks to Mike [AE7XI] for providing this on his dropbox account)

Shelley [KF7TBA]'s Homemade 2-meter Yagi Antenna
Built at Carol & EJ'sAd-Hoc Antenna Party (Pt 4)

Here's what I would like to build -- actually, also build one for the 70cm/440MHz band too.
Original article from ARRL QST Magazine, June, pp 39-40.
NOTE: Displayed here for educational purposes only -- This is Copyrighted Material.
I think my neighbor with the Glow to the North,  
QRP-Jessica [KF7UHK] has already built this antenna??? 

Originally: [Project 001] -- LW [K7LWA]'s Antenna Party Project: 2-meter Yagi