Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ron [NR7O]'s Helmet J-Pole (03-08-2016)

Bet you've never seen this.... get ready to laugh...

   My son Andrew saw the K9JEB antenna I just bought in the driveway as he got home from work, quickly dove into the garage, got some zip ties and a hockey helmet... and now it's HELMET J-POLE time!!
   With "helmet j-pole" I hit the Woodinville 147.34 machine easily with 300 milliwatts, and then hit the Cougar Mtn 441.825 repeater with one watt (easily, and receive was crystal clear too)!
   This design is AWESOME!!
   I like to think that the wire face mask acts as a Faraday cage, protecting me from harmful radiation!
   And I think I will send these pics to the RCR newsletter guy...
   yes... I have no worries about that silly thing called "dignity."
       Ron NR7O

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