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Bill [W7MAV] -- SK (March 10, 2016)

We will miss you, "Phinney Ridge" Bill [W7MAV] -- SK
{by Ron [NR7O]}
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      So sorry to report that Bill departed Earth yesterday morning the 10th of March.
    To say that he was a 'character' is an understatement.
    His journey was amazing in its variety and he was blessed, if you please, with a good family situation including a wife (Margaret) who made sure that he held to the straight and narrow.
    Bill tempted fate repeatedly via gravitational encounters with the Earths surface but always managed to come out a winner.
    In the end colon cancer got the better of him.
    I can attest that he had a heart of gold and my life is the richer for having known him.
          Bill was born on April 22, 1928 so would have been 88 next month.
    He and Margaret recently sold their Seattle house and moved in with their daughter Maggie in south Everett.
    Maggie's address is: (available upon request)
         Service information is unknown to me at the moment but will be promulgated when available.
    Lee, N7KC
    Secretary to WWATS

 {by Ron [NR7O]}
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 {by Ron [NR7O]}
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Bill [W7MAV] at the 2015 Mike+Key Swapmeet in Puyallup
{by LW [K7LWA]}
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