Tuesday, July 29, 2014

End of Summer: Barterfaire -- A-Frame Camping Extravaganza!

Hey Folks, this is your ol’ Pal Jessica Here with More News of the Up Coming Okanogan Barter ( Family Faire ) Up in Tonasket.

Sylvia and I We will have the A-Frame Open and Available for anyone who would like to Join us for a Nice Comfortable, Warm place to stay while Enjoying a Great time at the Okanogan Barter ( Family Faire ) Up in Tonasket.  We have done the faire a few times, and they always get better.  

This is also the Last time that We’ll have the Cabin Open till the Spring, so it’s also a Nice time to do some last Camping and Hiking.

October 4th & 5th
We Plan to Leave for home on Monday the 6th, Early….. Before Sunrise…..

GPS:  Address  54 Squirrel Road, Tonasket
Distance to Cabin:  285 Miles From Seattle. 5 ½ Hours over the North cascades Mountians, About the same for Snoqualmie Pass and Stevens Pass.
Things to Bring:
Ham Radio
Camping Gear
Extra Food, Drink, Clothes, Spirits
The Cabin Could Become Full, so if you have a camper, Trailer, or Tent, Bring it along….
Help us Plan !
 Please RSVP of your Plans to Join us, we would Love to have a Convoy for those of the Faint of heart with that far of Travel.  We would Leave early Saturday Morning October 4th
Warning: Due to the Fact that Washington State Allows Both Same Sex Marriages, and Marajuana Smoking, This will be a Very Accepting Place for all to Attend.
Note: Cigarette Smoking Is always allowed, Outside away from Doors and Windows.

Thank You, and
Hope to see you there !
Jessica & Sylvia

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David [N5JRN]'s New ANTENNA

Some 9 o’clock net regulars wanted a picture posted on the PSRG repeater blog. Here it is:
It’s made from a 1/4” square nut brazed to the interior of a smaller (but still pretty large, about 1.5” outside diameter, inside diameter circumscribes the nut) washer, in turn that’s brazed to a really large washer (large enough that its outer diameter just about matches the diameter of the magnet on the mag mount).

The 1/4” thread mates with a standard tripod head. Tripod is an old beat-up one I found for $1 at the Rotary Auction and Rummage Sale last month. 
David Barts N5JRN

“Hierarchical institutions are like giant bulldozers – obedient to the whim of any fool who takes the controls.” – Edward Abbey
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

FYI: Bill [N6NBN] recommends: "Get Motivated!!!" on July 24 @ 11:30AM

 FYI:  Bill [N6NBN] recommends: "Get Motivated!!!" on July 24 @ 11:30AM

"I’m attending a Meetup with Seattle Business Networking Meetup Group http://meetu.ps/2s8wBb"

Get Motivated!!!

  • Thursday, July 24, 2014 -- 11:30 AM to

  • Indochina   31406 Pacific Highway, Federal Way, WA (map)

  • We have a large table set up in the restaurant
  • Need motivation?  Here it is!!!
    Kevin Berg is confined to a wheelchair and has difficulty speaking due to the Cerebral Palsy which has affected him his entire life. 
    Kevin can't feed himself, dress himself, etc. 
    Yet, he has succeeded in things many only dream about doing, after doctors said he should be put in an institution and forgotten. 
    After graduating from college with two degrees, Kevin went on to get married and start a family.
    He now also operates a thriving computer support business and speaks to audiences across the nation about exceeding their own expectations. 
    As a wife, mother, and helper, Melinda Berg has taken on the responsibility a unique family with special needs. 
    She and Kevin are the proud parents of Gabriella and their nephew, Zachary.
    Today you will get a peek into their lives and be encouraged to change the way you look at the world!
    Kevin Berg Motivational
    Speaker/Trainer No Limits, No Excuses!
    Phone: [masked]

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

[ISS Sightings] AUGUST 2014 ISS + ATV5 (08-1+08-16-2014)