[MORA-NPS] -- Visiting Mount Rainier [MORA] Tips

[MORA] -- Visiting Mount Rainier [MORA] Tips

If you got the Travel Bug to visit Mount Rainier (MORA) 
-- our very own local "Most Dangerous Volcano in the Lower 48 States" --
then here is the BEST mile-by-mile Road Guide written by Patrick T. Pringle:
 (note: Link updated 2015-09-03)
(free PDF publications (See below) or see Interactive Map)
Favorite Route of the Netsters (September, 2013):  Mowich Lake (see Leg K) 
Watch Professor Pringle discuss the Roadside guide on CWU's Central Rocks program: 
Pat Pringle on Central WA University's Central Rocks Show
Show 16: "Field Work in the Cascades"
Centralia College professor Pat Pringle visits Ellensburg
to chat about his field career in the Cascade Range.
Pat discusses his early efforts in the decade following 

 the 1980 Mt St Helens eruption, his work in Mt Rainier National Park, and his time with the Cascade Volcano Obervatory.
 Taped on May 29, 2009.

ChaptersSection (PDF) size
The Whole Book316 Mbytes
Introduction23.6 Mbytes
Geologic History & Setting, Part 114.3 Mbytes
Geologic History & Setting, Part 215.1 Mbytes
Road Trip GuidesSection (PDF) size
Map of Trips - Map with each leg listed below  3.3 Mbytes
Leg A - Tacoma to Paradise Via State Routes 7 & 70644.7 Mbytes
Leg B - Paradise to Ohanopecosh via Stevens Canyon14.8 Mbytes
Leg C - Southern Transect, I-5 to State Route 123 & Highway 1223.2 Mbytes
Leg D - Northern Approach, Highway 410 to Cayuse Pass16.2 Mbytes
Leg E - Sunrise Road from Highway 410  2.8 Mbytes
Leg F - Eastern Approach, Highway 410 to Cayuse Pass42.8 Mbytes
Leg G - State Route 123 Cayuse Pass to Highway 1211.9 Mbytes
Leg H - Across Cascades at White Pass30.4 Mbytes
Leg  I - Alternate Southern Route, State Routes 508 & 7  8.6 Mbytes
Leg J - Northwestern Approach, Highway 162  6.4 Mbytes
Leg K - Mowich Lake Road14.5 Mbytes
Leg L - Carbon River Road  7.7 Mbytes
Leg M - Westside Road to road end over Round Pass  6.0 Mbytes
Leg N - Alternate Western Approach, State Routes 507 & 70214.3 Mbytes
Leg O - Bumping Lake Road from State Route 410  7.3 Mbytes
ChaptersSection (PDF) size
References & Information  3.0 Mbytes

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