Monday, March 16, 2015

Tim [KG7EJT] Reports on SOTA Activation from Bandera Mountain (03-15-2015)

Tim [KG7EJT] & Chris [KG7OFQ]
SOTA Activation
Bandera Mountain
Summit Information for

Bandera Mtn - 1597m, 6 points
Association: USA - Washington
 Region: WA-King  

Latitude: 47 24 55 N, Longitude: 121 32 16 W

Today's Sunrise: 14:14 UTC, Sunset: 02:14 UTC

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Summit Activity Total Activations: 5
Latest By:
KG7EJT on 15 Mar 2015
KG7OFQ on 15 Mar 2015

KY7S on 27 Jul 2014
KR7W on 28 Oct 2013
K7ATN on 02 Nov 2012
First Activated by:
K7ATN on 02 Nov 2012
   Yes, I can be on the 9 o'clock net tonight. I'm on the net occasionally, and will make a point to being on tonight. 
   It was a challenging day on Bandera Mountain today, with heavy rain, wind, and a mix of snow and sleet on the summit which is at 5200 feet. 
  We didn't linger up there!  
  Once we each had 5 contacts logged (need a minimum of 4 to get credit) we quickly headed down.  
  SOTA is a lot of fun for those who like hiking / climbing, and also enjoy ham radio.  
  I'll talk about what we did today and how to get started, on the net

Tim -- Thanks for checking in to the 9 O'Clock Net on Sunday PM!

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