Saturday, March 7, 2015

PSRG HAMs at Puyallup 2015 Mike & Key HAM Swapmeet

(Photos courtesy of Ron [NR7O] -- Thanks, Dude!)
(Please see a Special Message from John [WA7MSE] (Yakima) at bottom of this Post)
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Chris [W7AMD] & Ron [NR7O]
Everybody else
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Chris [W7AMD], Jake [KF6JRB], Shirley [KG7RHA] & Ron [NR7O]
Joan [KG7VO] holding court with her HAMsters:
David [N5JRN], Aaron [K8AMH], Elaine [KG7CME], Doug [KD7DK], Amber [KG7QQK /AG] & Tony [AE7WZ]

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"You have now entered the Joan Zone: 
There is nothing wrong with your radio.
Do not attempt to adjust the antenna.
Do not attempt to adjust the audio.

We are controlling transmission.

 If we wish to make it louder, we will bring… Up… the VOLUME.
If we wish to make it softer, we will tune… it… to…… a whisper….

We will control the MICROPHONE. We will control the Machine that goes ‘Ping’.

We can talk German, and say words with der ümlaut.
We can transform your call sign into a mnemonic form—and then say, “CHEERS, Guv’nah!”
For the next hour…,
sit quietly, and we will control all that you hear (and hear and hear)…
We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your radio.

You are about to participate in a great adventure.
You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to –
The Joan Zone.”

 LOLOL — Joan
Joan [KG8VO]: "Say again, Alpha Centauri, another galaxy doubled with you!"
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Jon [KL7GT], Jonathan [KK7PW], Sam [KD7PWA] & LW [K7LWA]
Marco [W7RJT], Tim [W7RJT /Tim], "Bothell" Bob [K9PQ], Mike [AE7XI], Patrick [KG7NSC] & ????
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Curt [WR5J] & CK [KG7AUL /AG]
Tyler [AF7BO]
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Sam [KD7PWA], "Pirate Radio" Dave [KD7PWB] & LW [K7LWA]
Kevin [KG7KNS] & Dean [KG7ODB]
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David [N5JRN], Mike [AE7XI] & LW [K7LWA]
Marco [W7RJT], Tim [W7RJT /Tim], Curt [WR5J] & "Bothell" Bob [K9PQ]
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Mike [AE7XI] & Ron [NR7O]
Zac [K7ZAC] & Chris [W7AMD]
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Tony [AE7WZ], Tyler [AF7BO], Joan [KG8VO] & Aaron [K8AMH]
Tony [AE7WZ], Tyler [AF7BO], Joan [KG8VO], Aaron [K8AMH] & Amber [KG7QQK /AG]
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Joan [KG8VO]: "OK, Alpha Centauri, you're CM & Galactic Mobile -- go ahead with your report"
Joan [KG8VO] & Amber [KG7QQK /AG]
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Zac [K7ZAC] & LW [K7LWA]
Bill [W7MAV]
(by K7LWA)
Bill [W7MAV]
Bill [W7MAV]
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A Special Message from John [WA7MSE] (Yakima):
Mobile rig just needs a radio and antenna!
Please post to fun blog lol and share on net.
Would love some comments from others on best antenna 2/440 for this mobile installation. 
John [WA7MSE] (Yakima) chilling at UW Medical Center
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