Sunday, March 15, 2015

Live Dive at the MaST Center with Randy [N7CJE]

Live Dive at the MaST Center
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
Let's Get Ready to DIVE! DIVE! DIVE!
The MaST Center is the proud host of expert diver, 
and former US Coast Guard Marine Science Technician, 
Randy Williams [N7CJE].
On the second Saturday of each month,
Randy takes the public on a journey of the Puget Sound,

This is a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages to see what lies beneath the surface by becoming a virtual SCUBA diver for a day.
Equipped with a full face mask for two way communication, 
and an HD camera with recording equipment; 
we are able to see and hear everything as Randy dives into our backyard.
Unlike in large indoor aquariums, we never know what we'll find;
an octopus, crabs, seastars, fish...?
Maybe we'll get lucky and see a shark or sea lion!
Come take an adventure with Randy and see what you find.
Live Dives
take place on the second Saturday of each month
 at 11AM and again at 1PM for a duration of approximately 30 minutes.
Shows are viewed on large screen monitors at the 
MaST Center pier in the aquarium.

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