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Local times for eclipse in Seattle on Saturday, April 4, 2015

(Space Needle / moon shot / Tim Durkan)

(Another one from Ant May Photo)
(Thanks Ron [NR7O] for forwarding)

Total Lunar Eclipse April 4
Science on

@4:57 Totality
@5:04 End of Totality
Insomniac-Net Questions
for Apr 03, 2015:
"There's A RED Moon Out
Tonight (Again)"

Local times for eclipse in Seattle on Saturday, April 4, 2015
(at 4:00 AM from Griffith Observatory, LA, CA)
(at 4:59 AM [Totality -- note blue haze] from Griffith Observatory, LA, CA)
EventTime in SeattleDirectionAltitudeComments
Penumbral Eclipse beginsApr 4 at 2:01 AM197°South-southwest35.5° The Earth's penumbra start touching the Moon's face.
Partial Eclipse beginsApr 4 at 3:15 AM217°Southwest29.7° Partial moon eclipse starts - moon is getting red.
Total Eclipse beginsApr 4 at 4:57 AM241°West-southwest16.8° Total moon eclipse starts - completely red moon.
Maximum EclipseApr 4 at 5:00 AM241°West-southwest16.4° Moon is closest to the center of the shadow.
Total Eclipse endsApr 4 at 5:02 AM242°West-southwest16.1° Total moon eclipse ends.
Partial Eclipse endsApr 4 at 6:44 AM261°West0.5° Partial moon eclipse ends.
Since the Moon is near the horizon at this time, we recommend going to a high point or finding an unobstructed area with free sight to West for the best view of the eclipse.
MoonsetApr 4 at 6:48 AM261°West0.0° belowBelow horizon
Penumbral Eclipse endsApr 4 at 7:59 AM274°West12.2° belowBelow horizon
Times are local for Seattle (PDT – Pacific Daylight Time).
This eclipse is in progress during moonrise or moonset, so only parts of the eclipse are visible in Seattle.
The animation's bottom edge represents an ideal, flat horizon, which is at the same altitude as the observer.

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