Monday, April 27, 2015

How to contact Joe [K7EQ]

Joe [K7EQ] at the 2014 PSRG Picnic
FROM JESSICA [KF7UHK] (Apr 11, 2015):
  Joe Fell from a Moving Sling, while he was Being treated for a Detached Retina.   
  Broke his right Upper Leg bone,.. the Femur ?
    Sylvia and I went and Saw Joe St Aubin, K7EQ, over at Shoreline Health & Rehabilitation Center (2818 NE 145th Room 115)
     He is Doing good, Has Already had Laser Surgery to Fix the Detached retina, But with Joe’s Brittle Bones, He’s not going to be able to get out for 60 to 90 Days,  that’s two to Three Months...
     He is in Good Spirits and is getting good care... But I think he could use a Visit or a Call...

    He says if you call, leave him a Message, and he can hear it coming in,,... then he will call for a Nurse to get you back on the phone,... 
    And he says that’s fine too...
 Currently : Room 115
 Joe’s Number :   206-418-2976

Please Share This Information. 
And Feel free to Call Joe or Me.
Jessica KF7UHK
 Sunday, April 12 at NOON!
Talk to Joe [K7EQ]
via Crossband Repeat
on PSRG (146.96 - 103.5)
Details with Jessica [KF7UHK]

FROM GLENN [K7GLE] (April 9, 2015):
Barry & LW --
    I ran into Joe on the bus coming home tonight. He asked me to pass this along, and to say you could do the same.
    As you may know (I didn't) he went in for emergency eye surgery to correct a detached retina.
    While in the hospital a caregiver dropped him moving him between his chair and the bed and broke his leg.
    He is now at Shoreline Health & Rehabilitation Center, in room 115.
    I'm afraid I didn't ask him how long he thought he'd be there.
    He has  a landline, but no cell, email, or radio access.
    He said to say that visitors are welcome.

        - Glenn

Posted at 4/11/2015 10:01:00 PM