Wednesday, April 22, 2015

KG7NSC + WA4OSH -- ISS Communication (04-17-2015)

Received from Patrick [KG7NSC] and Konrad [WA4OSH] on 04-17-2015
I was at the Eastgate park and ride parking garage during the two passes tonight.
See the first file.

 My signal was digipeated four times according to the log at
I think you may have been hearing me direct.
You might still have your packet log if have not erased it.
I believe that the packets from the ISS come from RS0ISS.
Let me know what you have in your packet log.
--Konrad, WA4OSH

If I'm reading this right, I think I got your packet digipeated from the iss.
Patrick kg7nsc


Posted at 4/18/2015 21:00