Friday, April 29, 2016

Mike [KG7JRT] -- Closer to Home (April 29, 2016) -- UPDATE

Latest Update (18:43)

    After 10 days Sea to Austin.
    Then Charlotte to Wilkes Barre to see the folks onto Boston to see the kids.
    NH to go to HRO, Makerfest in Portland, hamfest in Portland,
    Then back to Wilkes Barre to do some work at the parents and on to Kansas City with out a hitch.
    7 hour delay in Kansas City.
    So you can give a quick check in for me! Ill try to listen in.
        Check out reader board first line.
Earlier on April 29, 2016
    I was in the reactor before it started up -- was at PSU ant the time and we stood in the vessel.
   This trip was Austin Charlotte Scranton Boston Salem Portland Scranton Kansas City
   Went to a Hamfest in South Portland ME and a Makerfair in Portland ME.
   2 hours at the Hamfest gave a month worth of crazy stories.

   Hamfest of old Maniacs was a trip!
   Crazy goings in Minneapolis at the estate of the artist formally known as alive.

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