Sunday, April 24, 2016

Kevin [KG7KNS]'s Titanic Connection (April 15, 2016)

From Kevin [KG7KNS]:
A metallurgical cut 3 inches thick with rivets from the SS Nomadic --
-- the tender (supply vessel) to RMS TITANIC and RMS OLYMPIC.
SS Nomadic is a steamship of the White Star Line,
 launched on 25 April 1911 in Belfast. 
She was built as a tender to RMS Olympic and RMS Titanic
and is the only surviving White Star Line vessel afloat today.
Nomadic was commissioned by the White Star Line in 1910, to tender 
for their new ocean liners  RMS Olympic and RMS Titanic
which were too large to dock in Cherbourg harbour. 
She and her running mate SS Traffic ferried passengers, their baggage,
mail and ship's supplies to and from large ocean liners moored off-shore.
The keel of Nomadic was laid down in the Harland and Wolff shipyards,
Belfast in 1910 (yard number 422). 
She was built on slipway No. 1 alongside RMS Olympic and RMS Titanic
which were constructed on slipways 2 and 3 respectively. 
She was launched on 25 April 1911 
and delivered to the White Star Line on the 27 May, following sea trials.
(from SS Nomadic)

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