Thursday, May 14, 2015

John [WT7G] finally shares photos of his cats: Maniac & Griffon!

(delivered simultaneously via Window/Brick Express and Concrete Block COD)
Could I impose on you to posts my babies on the blog.
I ask this knowing that

it will probably make most of the other pets
(not yours of course) feel inferior
because MY babies are SO beautiful.
The mostly black(dark brown actually) beautiful little girl
is Maniac.
John [WT7G] /Maniac
The handsome black(dark brown actually)
with white blaze and white on the nose, young man
 is Griffon.
John [WT7G] /Griffon
Thank you Sir, very much for your time.
I know you are very busy fighting crime and
saving the world from wackos like me.
I fully expect (demand) that MY babies will be center stage,

 full spotlight and be the talk of the town from now on!
Thank you for your understanding.

End of demand
John [WT7G]

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