Thursday, May 14, 2015

Brett [W7SAT] Checks in from Grand Park -- May 9, 2015 AM Net

Brett [W7SAT] checked in on 
Theresa [KG7AII]'s Saturday AM Net
(approximately 80 miles)
-- CM4 with a little frying in the pan -- FR7300? --
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Yup in that general area. 
I took an early morning hike up to Grand Park.
What a great day for it.
The trailhead starts about 10 miles up forest road 73. 
When I checked into the net I was at about 4,000 feet,
but surrounded by higher peaks. 
Here is one picture from the hike.(above)
 I had the whole place to myself.
Take Care!!
Brett W7SAT

(May 9, 2015 AM Net)
Grand Park -- Mount Rainier Area
Location: Mount Rainier Area -- NE - Sunrise/White River
Length: 9.0 miles, round trip
Elevation: Gain: 1100 ft. Highest Point: 5600 ft.
(from Washington Trails Association)

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