Friday, January 20, 2017

John [WT7G] - SK (Jan 18, 2017)

John [WT7G]
You touched many lives.
Farewell, My Friend!
Good Morning.
Welcome to the 9 O'Clock Net  this morning, January 20th 2017.
This is K7LWA -- LW in Seatac -- your net controller this morning.
Before I start the net this morning, I have an important contact to make,
    so all stations -- please stand-by.
    Again, all stations -- please stand-by..
This  is net control calling for station W - T - 7 - G, John...
        W - T - 7 - G -- John?
        W - T - 7 - G -- John?
Your kindness, wit, and voice on these airways will be missed.
However, we will remember your friendship forever.
      One last call for:
    Whiskey - Tango - Seven - Golf...
    Godspeed John...
 Silent Key


At the 2016 Mike and Key Swap Meet in Puyallup

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