Monday, January 9, 2017

Allan Cady [N7HRD] -- Looking for HAM friends of Gordon "Gordy" Cady [WA9AVC] (Jan 09, 2016)

I'm getting in touch because my 88-year-old Dad,
Gordon "Gordy" Cady, W9AVC, formerly WA7AVC,
looks to be soon to pass on.

UPDATE: Jan 09, 2017 PM
Dad did pass, at 6:40 pm Friday.
   His call sign was W9AVC after he moved.
   It was WA7AVC before. His handle was Gordon, or Gordy.
   He retired after 33 years from the City of Seattle.
    Going to be trying to figure out if there are any Seattle area clubs he was involved with that still exist. 
Unfortunately I know absolutely nothing about where he hung out on HF.
I think there was a Snohomish 2m repeater he frequented, and sometimes PSRG. 
He might still be in the PSRG records but it would likely be from before he retired around 1990.
He used to get on the air while he drove home from work, usually on 2 meters.
   Thanks for the reply.
Let me know if anything turns up tonight.

Jan 06, 2017
  I'm getting in touch because my 88-year-old Dad, Gordon Cady, W9AVC, formerly WA7AVC, looks to be soon to pass on. 
  He was an active part of the Puget Sound ham community from the 1960s until he moved away from the area in the 1990s.
 Since then he's lived with his second wife in Jacksonville, Illinois.
  I'm wondering if you have any suggestions how to spread the word in case there might be anyone still around the Northwest who might like to know?
  I'm not aware of any hams in the Northwest with whom he's remained in touch, but just in case, I'd like to spread the word.
  I've asked a few of the old-timers around the PSRG community if they knew him, and I've asked him a couple times recently if he's still in touch with anyone out there, and drawn blanks from both directions, so maybe not.
  Dad developed serious heart symptoms recently, leading to bypass surgery a week ago on December 30.
  His heart is doing well, but other systems aren't recovering, and the odds of recovery are looking slim at this point. He hasn't been able to communicate with us at all for a couple days.
  I'm a barely active ham, N7HRD, and I still live in Seattle. I got my General license in 1985, but have never been very active.
  Anyway, let me know if you have any thoughts how I might spread the word with the community. Thanks.

Allan Cady [N7HRD]

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