Saturday, November 1, 2014


National Weather Service, Seattle WA
(2014-11-06 08:00)

There is a threat of strong or damaging wind in your area. Now is a good time to make sure you have your weather reporting criteria information available. If possible, you should also have your spotter identification number available. Please call the National Weather Service at (800) 882-1431 if you observe weather conditions that meet reporting criteria. 

A Strong frontal system associated with a storm moving onto Vancouver Island will produce windy conditions today. A high wind warning is in effect for the Washington coast and the northern interior of western Washington. A wind advisory is in effect elsewhere. Please report wind damage to the National Weather Service. If you have an anemometer and have wind speeds of 40 mph or higher - or wind gusts of 58 mph or higher - please report the observation.

Thank you for volunteering to be a spotter for the National Weather Service.
Your information is quite important to us during significant weather events.
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As of 1:30PM: Estimated total customers affected: 7183
(Posted 2014-11-06 12:30AM)