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Current W1AW/7 Invitation and Timeslot Spreadsheet

An Invitation to Operate W1AW/7 Digital Station for the 100th Year of ARRL
The most famous callsign in all of Amateur Radio - W1AW

Sent: 11/1/2014 9:45:56 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: Current W1AW/7 Invitation and Timeslot Spreadsheet


Attached is the current schedule spreadsheet for the W1AW/7 digital operation from West Seattle.  
You are greatly encouraged to get back to me with your choices for timeslots..

Please note - the slots with WR5J in the attached excel sheet which are NOT BOLD are just place holders. They represent slots that I have reserved for our operation on the official ARRL spreadsheet - so they are available (as are many other slots...)   Really, if your heart is set on a slot that I've got in BOLD with MY CALL - let me know. 
The West Seattle Operation scheduling spreadsheet is attached - take a look and see what you might like - there is wording that encourages taking slots between 10am and 10pm each day (except for first and last...), but this is just a suggestion - if you really want to operate a slot and you see it is available on the main sheet link above, just drop me a line and I'll sign us up. (plus or minus the need for sleep...). My station is mostly a daytime station - I am no good on the low bands - 40/8-/160... Just too much local noise.
Here is the official ARRL sheet:
Call with any questions - it is a little perilous switching between the Zulu time days on the ARRL site and my sheets which are local time days.  I'm pretty confident you will be good with the translation...
Vy 73 de wr5j
Curt Black
3601 35th Ave. SW
Seattle WA 98126
206 755-4541c

Invitation to Operate W1AW/7 Digital Station from West Seattle for 100th Year of ARRL

By: WR5J

Here is...  
An Invitation to Operate W1AW/7 Digital Station for the 100th Year of ARRL.
The most famous callsign in all of Amateur Radio - W1AW
A once-in-100-year opportunity to have that call in your own backyard, Plus the chance to "be the DX" on a stunning scale. Please join us for one of the great experiences in amateur radio.  The station is all setup, the logging and macros are all tuned for the operation.  Everything has been tested.  Instruction will be provided. No experience necessary, but a willingness to dive in and take direction will be appreciated.
The Idea is to provide the Washington W1AW/7 station to thousands upon thousands of stations around the world who want to contact us.  Many stations are well on their way to working all states, all modes on many bands using only the W1AW stations.  We want to make sure Washington is available to all who need it for each desired mode and band. 
The ARRL has been conducting these Centennial Operations from every state in the country all year.  Our operation lasts 1 week - 168 hours - from 4pm on Tuesday, November 4th - to 4 pm on Tuesday November 11th.   This station will be operating primarily RTTY with some PSK later in the week (and over the weekend if the RTTY Contest activity makes it impossible to politely work split).  We will start with 20 meters, but if propagation is as good as it has been we can dynamically select bands.
You can do this alone or as a team - the slots are 2 hours each and people are welcome to commit to multiple slots.  Ideally we would work 10 am to 10 pm but so far I've only planned for 4pm to 10 pm with the volunteers I have so far.   We'll fix that as soon as we have lots more volunteers.  That's where you come in.
The station is in West Seattle.  This is going to be lots of fun, but it is a serious operation.  Unlike many previous ham radio events at this house, this one will be alcohol free until the thank you party for all the participating operators.
Send an email to to express interest.   I'll send you scheduling spreadsheets showing open slots and you can let me know of your interest and availability. 
I appreciate your willingness to help with this historic event.  It will be fun.  It will be challenging.  We have several operators already, but many more opportunities are knocking.  This is perfect if you're "mic shy" - you just need to make friends with 2 function keys via mouse click...
This is the sort of thing you can tell grandchildren about - I hope you will answer the call...
vy 73 de WR5J
Curt Black 
206 755-4541c
Posted 2014-11-06 09:00