Monday, August 4, 2014

Tyler [AF7BO]'s Fan Dipole Antenna

I took pictures of my fan dipole while I had it down for maintenance this weekend. Thought I'd share.

Eventually, I plan to add 40 meters. At this time, have 80 & 20. 
When I get around to adding 40, I will upgrade the feed point. 
Probably to use nuts and bolts to help with strain relief, and to add a bit better mechanical connection.
When I put this one together, I kinda made it up as I went.
The last image is a picture I found when looking at what others had done at the feed point for strain relief.
I may also terminate the coax inside a capped section of PVC to shed water away 
from the joint where the coax meets the antenna elements. 
I've seen a few examples of this, but generally with separate eye bolts for each wire in the fan dipole to help spread them out. 
My antenna has a common feed point for both/all bands.

(added 2014-08-04)