Saturday, August 6, 2016

Blue Angels & Friends -- 2016 Seafair Fun (Aug 6, 2016)

Thanks to all who have contributed the following about IFOs this weekend!
(click to enlarge photos)
from Ron [NR7O]:
The view from Calkins landing (Mercer Island)
That's Blue Angel centerpoint on the left (that barge).
Ron. NR7O
Please see also:
I captured this frequency at Lake Washington Thursday
from a WW II B-26 (B-25?) flyover show:  124.8833.
It should be good through the weekend.
The most active during the Blue Angels:
237.8000 and 275.3500 [AM band]
Richard K7ITX
(other frequencies here)
A Listening Tip from Jeremy [KG7EDS]:
Hi LW,
I heard on the am 9 o’clock net some talk about the radio use of the blue angels.
I found that my Uniden BCT15X (analog scanner), heard them fine,
 but my Yaesu FT-60r did not, just initial static burst.
I changed, am/fm/auto, wide/narrow band, and rubber duck/external.
I am at a loss as to why regular radio did not pick it up.
I hope this helps with the investigation.
Please let me know if any new info comes out.
Thanks, Jeremy Andersen.
KG7EDS, 73.
Steve [KI7EIW] has a scanner to-lend for listening in on the FUN
Please contact him at 206-778-1659
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