Thursday, May 5, 2016

May 7, 14 and 21 Extra Class Licensing Course in Federal Way, WA (May 2016)

(All Classes -- Training Slides BELOW)
May 7, 14 and 21, 2016:  Extra Class Licensing Course

Federal Way Amateur Radio Club (FWARC) 
are hosting an Extra Class License Upgrade Course
for those already holding a General Class License.
This is a 24 hour course spanning 3 Saturdays --
with the License Exam at the end of the 3rd Saturday.
            May 7 from 8am to 5pm
            May 14 from 8am to 5pm
            May 21 from 8am to 5pm
      Cost: The instruction is FREE, however the FCC charges a $15 examination fee which we must collect
             Federal Way Masonic Hall
             1700 South 340th
             Federal Way, WA 98003
    (see Directions/MAP below)
    Download course materials using hyperlinks below
    The Extra Question Pool is changing on July 1, 2016.
    This is a MAJOR change where there will be 21% New questions.
    If you are think of Upgrading, please use this opportunity to pass the Extra element 4.
    This course covers all the questions in the Extra Question pool.
    There has been a 90% pass rate. This will be worth your time.

    To register for this class, send email to
      Federal Way Masonic Hall
      1700 South 340th Street
      Federal Way  WA  98003
      Approach South 340th from the south.
      There is a triangle at Hwy 99,
       16th South and South 340th,
      that stops one from turning onto 340th when coming from the north.
      1  From I-5 exit on to S 348th going west into Federal Way.
      2  Turn right at the first light onto 16th Avenue South.
      3  Go past S 341st and turn right onto South 340th.
      (This is just as 16th South is merging with Highway 99) 
      (click to enlarge)

      Technician Class Training Materials:
      Download All Modules in One Zip File (38MB)
      T1 - FCC Rules
      T2 - Operating Procedures
      T3 - Radio Waves
      T4 - Radio Practice
      T5 - Electrical Plus
      T6 - Electrical Components
      T7 - Station Equipment
      T8 - Modes
      T9 - Antennas & Feedlines
      T10 - Electrical Safety
      Technician and General Handout
      Technician_Slide Count

      General Class Training Materials:
      Download All Modules in One Zip File (33MB)
      G1 - FCC Rules
      G2 - Operating Procedures
      G3 - Radio Wave Propagation
      G4 - Radio Practices
      G5 - Electrical Principles
      G6 - Circuit Components
      G7 - Practical Circuits
      G8 - Signals & Emissions
      G9 - Antennas & Feedlines
      G10 - Electrical & RF Safety
      Technician and General Handout
      General Slide Count

      Extra Class Training Materials:
      Download All Modules in One Zip File (15MB)
      E1 - Commission Rules
      E2 - Operating Procedures
      E3 - Radio Wave Propagation
      E4 - Amateur Practices
      E5 - Electrical Principles
      E6 - Circuit Components
      E7 - Practical Circuits
      E8 - Signals And Emissions
      E9 - Antennas and Transmission Lines
      E10 - Safety
      Extra Slide Count
        (COPIED from
      theTECTeam Training Roadmap Website -- Thanks Marty and Mark!)

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