Saturday, December 12, 2015

GO HAWKS with Steve [N7GWG]'s 12th (Man) Sauerkraut Ritual!

"How sweet/sour it is!"
Seattle Seahawks 2015 Season Schedule

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[Kraut Korner] SauerKraut Invades 9-O'Clock Nets! Post Here
-- Another TD! --
Steve [N7GWG]'s 12th (Man) Sauerkraut Batch
be sure to check out his short video!
[006] 2014-02-22 From: Steve [N7GWG]
How to make SauerKraut while listening to German Music..  LOL
Making SauerKraut to Beethoven's 9th
(Please click below to view the video) 
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