Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to Beat the Heat! -- from KF7UHK /Pricilla (June 29, 2015)

(Liner Notes from the irrepressible Jessica [KF7UHK])
 And Soft, long-haired Priscilla is Single, Currently. 
Is yours?
Pricilla is Black and White, 
so that would make an interesting time at the Dress shop.
But She is not Very friendly,
(Which Drives me Nuts)


  “ I went to a garden Party,
         Every one was there,
   there was Pricilla the Kitty....
        She Has Black and white Hair,.....
        But it’s... alright Now...

           I Learned My Lesson well...
        Ya See ya Can’t Please Everyone,
           so you , Have to Please yourself...."
ALA: Ricky Nelson

she is also good at Garden Camouflage
In a British Accent:
      “this Ms Pricilla Q Kitty,.......
           and she is trying Hard Not to Be Seen....”

ALA: Monty Python

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