Friday, December 27, 2013

[P20131227] Jessica [KF7UHK]'s Latest Email

Jessica sent this to K7LWA on Dec 27, 2013 4:36AM

It rained yesterday, Dec 26 Boxing day.... a different rain than in Seattle.... It came in Waves, and the Ambient temperature was 74 Relative Humidity was about 95 % Our Condo Windows are Cleaner Now, which is Nice,... The High Salty/ Humidity action here, Leaves Deposits on windows, until they are washed away.
We are in a High rise, 15 Floors up Looking out to the Atlantic Ocean, Great Views of the beach below us, and fantastic Sunrises..... We can also watch Boats, and Ships pass on the horizon, late at night.

we may drive over to Fort Myers Florida today. We have Been corresponding with an agent about condos down here, and would like to meet him, it’s a little over 2 Hour drive there, but we’d see another part of the state.... so far, we have been in the city, mostly... we Find areas that are pretty depressed compared to Seattle area.

Pan handler are different down here too. Looks a little like LA to me in Some ways.... So are the drivers.... A Little In a Hurry, a Little Rude, and a Little Fast.....

There is a Lot of Room for.... Big Word Here.... Gentrification..... Could be the Storms that wipe out Business, or Just the Economy.

I always feel a Little better when I see things that I recognize back home,.....Mc D’s, Wendy's, Pizza hut Etc... there are No safeways down here, I think that is a California West Coast Store... But they do have a “publix” Store that is really similar to safeway... I went to one worker and asked, do you have Single Bottle of Pop ? Yes he said, the vending machine in the front of the store...... What ? so ..... Different..... Plenty of 6 Packs 12 Pack. etc.... but no singles...... Usually you can find a Bunch of different sodas in the cooler,,,..

Sylvia said that the beer selection down here is fairly meager also....

We went to little Havana the other day,... It musta been Siesta time though, we found 2 Count em’ 2 People laying sprawled out on the ground, taking naps,.... They were both on sidewalks, and we had to navigate around them.......They Looked Perfectly healthy otherwise.

Sylvia and I went and saw the Hobbit Movie..... Fun Stuff.... it was the 3-d Version and really enjoyed it..... As we count, there should be just one more after this one.

Welp, that’s it from Miami Beach Florida
I’ll be back on the 31 Awfully Early,.......

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