Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Joan [KG8VO]: "Welcome, all ye fellow quantum vacuum bilge rats...."

 Hey, LW! ^_^
Here are a couple of ‘instamatic’-quality pix of my shack and my perfectly matched zero-reflected-power home-brew 10m ‘mast’ (sprouting straight off the ‘wire’ side of the balun in the trans-match)
Welcome, all ye fellow quantum vacuum bilge rats, to the Long Dark Teatime of the Sol [the Solar Minimum], the interregnum of no DX worth spitting at. The Seattle-centric “Ten at Twenty-ten on Tuesday” sked on 28.42 !
 73 88 de joan =^..^= [meow]

P.S: I thought 10 metres would be good because it is one of only three bands for which all Hams have phone privileges; and, it’s the only one of the three for which rigs are a common item
Plus: single sideband. Because: HF  :D
{Um, that—and SSB is the best weak signal phone mode. Folk need to dip their toe in the water—experience life beyond FM}

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