Monday, January 15, 2018

Rich [K7RCH] -- Pt Reyes: Marine Radio Historical Society (Jan 15, 2018)

 I am attaching several photos of the Pt. Reyes radio site. 
I’ll have more when I have time to edit them
 but I may just put them on my own blog.

I suggest saying:
“Check out Rich’s blog,
The Further Adventures of Elusive Richard
in a few days for more photos and information.”
(Right now: Marconi Coast Station KPH)
Meanwhile, here is some explanation of the photos 
attached to use for captions.
9245: Richard Dillman, W6AWO, co-founder of the Marine Radio Historical Society, looking at the main operating position.
9246: A better shot of the main operating position.
9252: Another operating position (there are 6 altogether) 
next to a carousel used to hold messages queued to be sent.
9257: In the “Treasure Room,” an early RCA rig.
9271: Part of the antenna
9272: Outside of the building. Note, this is the Receive site. The transmitters are located several miles away and are operated remotely.
224535 & 224555: QSL cards

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