Saturday, October 15, 2016

FYI: Changes to 9 O'Clock Nets for SAT PM and SUN AM Check-Ins (Oct 15-16, 2016)

Changes to 9 O'Clock Nets for SAT PM and SUN AM Check-Ins 
    At the request of the Seattle EOC, we would like to request a modest change in the format of the 9 o'clock net on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.  This has been done before by hosts like LW during similar severe weather events.    In discussing this with them, we agreed that a request for checkins as worded below or any similar wording would help our members share information with each other and the EOC(s) who may be monitoring.  Seattle EOC is planning to be staffed and will monitor. 
    Here's a sample script to start with:
    Normal net intro, but before taking checkins, make this request:
Due to the storm today, we are going to request a change in your reports for today's net.  We know many are interested in conditions around the region and that includes those monitoring this net at the EOC.
  We would like to ask for you to include any of the following information at the start of your report if known:
  • power/utility status, if out, for how long and how widespread
  • rainfall at your location
  • current wind speed/direction
  • damage observed
  • any localized flooding
Please keep your report brief as we want to get information from as many different stations as possible.  And as always, priority traffic will take precedence today.
With that said, lets open up to the first round of checkins with name and callsign please.
  -Doug- [KD7DK], President PSRG
Visible Satellite on Saturday, Oct 15, 2016 at 15:45

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