Wednesday, October 22, 2014

[LINKS] -- 9OCN Calendar of Events

9OCN Calendar of Events [LINKS]
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(updated 10-22-2014)
Oct 18-19, 2014  Konrad [WA4OSH] -- Toy Railroad in Skykomish, WA FUN!
Oct 23, 2014 (THU) 1:36PM - 4:20PM PDT Partial Solar Eclipse
                                   (Seattle area info)     ---   [NASA's LINK]
[POST] Partial SOLAR Eclipse in Seattle -- Thurs, October 23, 2014
TOTAL SOLAR eclipse in Seattle on Monday, August 21, 2017 [LINK]
10-25 6PM til dawn -- Boo! from KD7PWA|B] 2014 Halloween Party
Oct 25-26, 2014  Konrad [WA4OSH] -- Toy Railroad in Skykomish, WA FUN!
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11-08 1:00PM -- Monthly PSRG Board Meeting at Salmon Bay Café
          -- Everybody's welcomed! {}
[_] Dave [KG7LEA] requests HF Antenna Help {DavidWilma -at-}

Partial SOLAR eclipse in Seattle -- Thurs, October 23, 2014

Local times for eclipse in Seattle on Thursday, October 23, 2014

Click on the Sun/Moon symbol in the “Looks like” column to see what the eclipse looks like during the different phases of the event.
EventTime in SeattleDirectionAltitudeLooks likeComments
Partial Eclipse beginsOct 23 at 1:36 PM193°South-southwest30.0° Eclipse as seen from earthThe Moon touches the Sun's edge.
Maximum EclipseOct 23 at 3:01 PM215°Southwest24.2° Eclipse as seen from earthMoon is closest to the center of the Sun.
Partial Eclipse endsOct 23 at 4:20 PM233°Southwest14.9° Eclipse as seen from earthThe Moon leaves the Sun's edge.

Whoa! Can't we do better than this for a SOLAR eclipse?
 You betcha:
August 21, 2017-- Solar:Total
Eclipse as seen from earth
TOTAL SOLAR eclipse 
in Seattle on Monday, August 21, 2017

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Konrad [WA4OSH] -- Toy Railroad in Skykomish, WA FUN!

Konrad, [WA4OSH]
Great Northern & Cascade Railway
Great Northern &  Cascade Railway
My son and I have been volunteering every other weekend at the
"Great Northern and Cascade Railway"
 a model railroad in Skykomish, WA.
This weekend is the next to the last in the season.
The GN&CR is an 1/8 scale model railway (1 foot = 1 1/2 inches).
It features close to one mile of 7 1/2 wide track,
a battery-electric powered steam locomotive and 10 passenger cars.

This Saturday (10-18-2014),
GN&CR expects to have three guest steam locomotives:
+ Bob Chapman with his 2-4-0
+Conrad Watne with his Welsh Hunslet 2-4-0 
+ Keith with his ten wheeler
- plus -
+ Mike's Dash 8 -- a model diesel engine
 (powered by a gasoline-hydrolic engine)
will also be on hand for passenger duties.

GN&CR is open 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. weekends and holidays
 May through October
The model railroad is operated on a 100% volunteer and donation basis. 
Also, the rides are free but contributions are gladly accepted.

Come join us in Skykomish for a fun time.
Passenger Depot
101 N 5th St
Skykomish, WA 98288
Operational Hours
10AM - 4PM
I will be in Skykomish this weekend, but not the next.
Quick directions on how to find the GN&CR: 
East on Hwy 2 to Skykomish.
  Turn right at the Sky Gas station. 
Go over the bridge into town and then across the railroad tracks.  
Then take the second left, right behind the old train depot.
 May through October - Saturday & Sunday + Holidays
Talk-in when I'm there ;)
146.52 Simplex, or
on the KC7SAR repeater 145.110 [-] PL=123.0Hz

Also, you can monitor BNSF on 161.100 Mhz
from Everett to the Cascade tunnel at Stevens Pass.
Great Northern and Cascade Railway on Facebook.
Konrad, [WA4OSH]

In honor of Steve [N7GWG]'s 12th (Man) Sauerkraut Batch

"How sweet/sour it is!"

 [Kraut Korner]   [Kraut Korner]   [Kraut Korner]
Another TD!: Steve [N7GWG]'s 12th (Man) Sauerkraut Batch
be sure to check his short video!
[006] 2014-02-22
From: Steve [N7GWG]
   How to make SauerKraut while listening to German Music..  LOL
Making SauerKraut to Beethoven's 9th
(Please click below to view the video) 
 [Kraut Korner]   [Kraut Korner]   [Kraut Korner]

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

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