Thursday, January 28, 2016

Steve [N7GWG]'s Artiste Reportage -- Donna's Still Life & Self-Portrait (Jan 23, 2016)

The Latest from Donna's Palette!

Still Life (24" x 30")
Donna's new Self Portrait assignment (20" x 26")

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Nightfall with Jessica [KF7UHK] on KSER-FM 90.7

Host - Jessica Phipps
Tuesdays at 10:30 pm
on 90.7 KSER-FM
A mix of New Age instrumentals and vocals for late night listening.

Nightfall brings you a late night mix of contemplative instrumentals and vocals designed to ease stress and repair frazzled psyches.
Expect to hear the best in electronic, folk, world, classical, ambient, progressive rock, and minimal music with a nod toward New Age spirituality.
Jessica Phipps is your host.
Email Jessica at
Listen Live:

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

PSRG 2016 Annual Party -- Dave [KN7S]'s Report and Aaron [K8AMH]'s Photos (January 9, 2016)

PSRG Annual Dinner
Sat, Jan 9, 2016

PSRG 2016 Annual Dinner

PSRG 2016 Annual Party PHOTOS

-- thanks Aaron [K8AMH]! --
(downloads available here)
(More photos on PSRG-FUN Blog's (Flickr) Media Collection)
    A good time was had by all.  
   It is so nice to see so many faces to go with the voices you hear on the radio.
    For the third year in a row, Fred Lloyd (AA7BQ), founder and CEO of, has gifted 2 premium one year subscriptions to QRZ.
   You may recall that Fred was here 3 years ago and spoke to a well-attended meeting of PSRG at the Salmon Bay Cafe.
   To this day he still speaks very highly of the PSRG having had a wonderful time here in the Pacific Northwest with PSRG and Field Day.
   Last night winners were....
    Insert drum roll and rotating spotlights roaming on the audience --
            Bruce Sherman – N7EQL
            Steve Lough – N7GWG

    Congrats to both and we certainly do hope they have a great time on!
     Certainly more to come next year!
    I have no pictures but there were many flashes going off in the cafe.
     Perhaps you can snag a couple of jpg’s from some of the attendees and post on the PSRG website.
73 - KN7S / Dave
QRZ Swapmeet Moderator

(Below: from the 2013 Party)

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Greetings from "State of Mind" [KD7PWB] the Pirate Radio (Dec 6, 2015)

Bright Holiday Greetings
 from Sam [KD7PWA], "Pirate Radio" Dave [KD7PWB], and of course, Gomez and Schroeder

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Need a Holiday Gift for Your 10,000 Closest Friends? (Dec, 7, 2015)

(image from Jessica [KF7UHK], of course)

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ISS Passes -- Seattle, WA -- 12-09+19-2015 (ALL)
ISS - All Passes Home | Info. | Orbit | Close encounters 
Search period start: 09 December 2015 00:00
Search period end: 19 December 2015 00:00
Orbit: 398 x 409 km, 51.6° (Epoch: 09 December)
Passes to include: all
Click on the date to see the ground track during the pass.
Date Bright Start Highest point End Pass type
(mag) Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az.
09 Dec-17:21:5810°SW17:25:1253°SSE17:28:2610°ENEvisible
09 Dec-18:58:3010°W19:01:4346°NNW19:04:5710°ENEvisible
09 Dec-20:35:2310°WNW20:38:3442°N20:41:4510°Enight (unlit)
09 Dec-22:11:5310°WNW22:15:1270°SSW22:18:2810°SEnight (unlit)
09 Dec-23:49:3010°WSW23:51:1113°SW23:52:4710°SSWnight (unlit)
10 Dec-16:29:4010°SSW16:32:3932°SE16:35:3910°Edaylight
10 Dec-18:05:4310°W18:08:5960°NNW18:12:1710°ENEvisible
10 Dec-19:42:3910°WNW19:45:4839°N19:48:5710°ENEvisible
10 Dec-21:19:1410°WNW21:22:3377°NNE21:25:5110°ESEnight (unlit)
10 Dec-22:56:0610°W22:58:4522°SW23:01:2110°SSEnight (unlit)
11 Dec-15:37:4310°S15:40:0919°SE15:42:3810°Edaylight
11 Dec-17:13:0010°WSW17:16:1885°NNW17:19:3710°ENEvisible
11 Dec-18:49:5210°WNW18:53:0139°N18:56:0910°ENEvisible
11 Dec-20:26:3410°WNW20:29:5056°NNE20:33:0610°Enight (unlit)
11 Dec-22:03:0810°WNW22:06:1436°SW22:09:1710°SSEnight (unlit)
12 Dec-14:46:3710°SSE14:47:4111°SE14:48:5310°ESEdaylight
12 Dec-16:20:2310°SW16:23:3862°SSE16:26:5510°ENEdaylight
12 Dec-17:57:0210°W18:00:1444°N18:03:2510°ENEvisible
12 Dec-19:33:5210°WNW19:37:0444°N19:40:1610°Evisible
12 Dec-21:10:2210°WNW21:13:3861°SSW21:16:5310°SEnight (unlit)
12 Dec-22:48:3110°WSW22:49:3411°SW22:50:3010°SSWnight (unlit)
13 Dec-15:27:5810°SW15:31:0237°SE15:34:0810°ENEdaylight
13 Dec-17:04:1110°W17:07:2755°NNW17:10:4210°ENEvisible
13 Dec-18:41:0610°WNW18:44:1539°N18:47:2410°ENEvisible
13 Dec-20:17:3910°WNW20:20:5886°NNE20:24:1710°ESEvisible
13 Dec-21:54:4010°W21:57:0619°SW21:59:2910°Snight (unlit)
14 Dec-14:35:5110°SSW14:38:2923°SE14:41:1010°Edaylight
14 Dec-16:11:2310°WSW16:14:4176°NNW16:18:0010°ENEdaylight
14 Dec-17:48:1710°WNW17:51:2639°N17:54:3410°ENEvisible
14 Dec-19:24:5710°WNW19:28:1461°NNE19:31:3110°Evisible
14 Dec-21:01:3510°W21:04:3431°SW21:07:3110°SSEnight (unlit)
15 Dec-13:44:1910°SSE13:45:5813°SE13:47:4310°ESEdaylight
15 Dec-15:18:4210°WSW15:21:5872°SSE15:25:1710°ENEdaylight
15 Dec-16:55:2510°W16:58:3642°N17:01:4610°ENEvisible
15 Dec-18:32:1310°WNW18:35:2647°NNE18:38:3910°Evisible
15 Dec-20:08:4310°WNW20:11:5752°SSW20:15:1010°SEvisible
16 Dec-14:26:1110°SW14:29:1944°SSE14:32:2910°ENEdaylight
16 Dec-16:02:3310°W16:05:4650°NNW16:09:0110°ENEdaylight
16 Dec-17:39:2710°WNW17:42:3640°N17:45:4510°ENEvisible
16 Dec-19:15:5710°WNW19:19:1684°SSW19:22:3410°ESEvisible
16 Dec-20:53:1010°W20:55:2016°SW20:57:2710°Snight (unlit)
17 Dec-13:33:5510°SSW13:36:4226°SE13:39:3210°Edaylight
17 Dec-15:09:4110°WSW15:12:5868°NNW15:16:1610°ENEdaylight
17 Dec-16:46:3610°WNW16:49:4439°N16:52:5210°ENEvisible
17 Dec-18:23:1210°WNW18:26:3167°NNE18:29:4810°ESEvisible
17 Dec-19:59:5510°W20:02:4727°SW20:05:3710°SSEvisible
18 Dec-12:42:0610°S12:44:0816°SE12:46:1510°Edaylight
18 Dec-14:16:5510°WSW14:20:1282°SSE14:23:3110°ENEdaylight
18 Dec-15:53:4210°WNW15:56:5241°N16:00:0110°ENEdaylight
18 Dec-17:30:2710°WNW17:33:4150°NNE17:36:5610°Evisible
18 Dec-19:06:5810°WNW19:10:1044°SSW19:13:1910°SEvisible
[Heavens-Above APP LINK]
Lists of Internet + Mobile ISS-Tracking APPS
(Plus Settings)
Amateur Radio Satellites
- All Passes -

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