Friday, January 10, 2014


Good morning.  This is the  __________ AM  edition of the 9-o'clock net.
Good evening. This is the  __________ PM  edition of the 9-o'clock net.
The 9-o'clock net occurs on this frequency twice a day -- 9AM and 9PM local time.

 Please verify that your radio is set to an output Frequency of 146.960 with a MINUS Offset and a PL Tone of 103.5
 The Puget Sound Repeater Group permits and provides the facilities for conducting the 9-o'clock nets.
  For more information about Puget Sound Repeater Group, please visit the PSRG.ORG website. =========================  
As with all 9-o'clock nets, this a directed net.
 This net usually lasts between 10 and 40 minutes.

 Your cooperation is appreciated in allowing this net the use of a clear frequency.
  This net is open to any Station holding a valid Amateur Radio license.
  Please use commonly accepted Amateur Radio operating practices, etiquette, and mutual respect for all.
This is __________, _____________ in/at ___________________. (e.g., This is K7LWA, LW in Seatac.)
Before I start asking for check-ins,
             please remember to end your transmission with your granted Amateur Call-sign.
   Also, when you check-in, please provide your valid Amateur Call-sign -- and your name --
                          and I will acknowledge each check-in.

This is a "come as you are" Net -- without any specific check-in order, however,
  please indicate if you are a Mobile station in a good location

  and I'll slot you toward the top of the stack.

And as always, In and Out stations with their I/Os are always welcomed and encouraged to drop by to say "hello".
Please note that the Echolink and IRLP operational capabilities have been disabled for the 9-o'clock nets.
If I have a problem hearing or identifying a station, I will ask for a relay.
OK, let's start...
    Please check in with your Amateur Radio Call-sign and Name -- 

              and I will acknowledge each check-in. 
Thank you for joining us on the 9'oclock net this morning/evening.

 This 9-o'clock net is now closed and the frequency is returned to normal use.
Goodbye. ___________ is clear.
Log/Audio ID:_________________________________      Date:  2014--___--___

REV: K7LWA 2014-05-19AM -- (+)_K7LWA_9OCN_Preamble(Template).html

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